Politics without principle 2.0: “Just because you can,doesn’t mean you should”

Shame on all of you. And shame on us for putting up with this b.s.

No Strings Attached: Laila Yuile on people, politics and life in B.C.

And oftentimes excusing of a fault
Doth make the fault the worse by the excuse.
~William Shakespeare

Partisan snipes from both sides of the house have been fairly silent today on twitter and for good reason: once again, hypocrisy is the governing force of the legislature as news of taxpayer funded trips for both NDP and Liberal members come to light.

To be fair, it’s apparently been ‘past policy’ for spouses to join politicians on the public dime, nothing new there. But what makes this particular revelation so hard to stomach is that it comes on the heels of other decidedly excessive spending by Liberal MLA and speaker of the house Linda Reid.

What’s more alarming is that we haven’t even heard the entire extent of Reid’s lavish spending, because she still hasn’t provided all the details of other trips taken on the public dime, along with other questionable expenditures.  

The NDP have…

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