We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men. ~ Herman Melville

Wow! This is crazy. Reality check needed. Stop out of control growth.   The evidence shows that Surrey never learns from its mistakes. Sad.

No Strings Attached: Laila Yuile on people, politics and life in B.C.

68th avenue blocked off to traffic as police investigate reports of shots fired near the scene of Friday nights shootout A major Surrey avenue blocked to traffic follow a past,non-fatal shooting in Newton

A wise man once said that as soon as you see a mistake and don’t fix it, it becomes your mistake.

Surrey city mayor and councillors would do well to hold this proverb close to their hearts.

Never could that be more true than when looking at the ongoing state of affairs in the community of Newton.

Surrey RCMP asked the public for help yesterday( March 18th, 2014), after a brazen, horrific beating and theft against a 72 year old senior in Newton Athletic park took place….last Thursday, ( March 13th, 2013)

This latest announcement, is both a joke and an insult to the people of Newton, and to both the city of Surrey’s and Surrey RCMP commitment to improving the situation in the community. A wait of 5 days between the horrific incident and the time the…

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