SFU City Conversation: Surrey’s Transit Needs, and the Transit Referendum – Mar 6

Every city that aspires to be great needs a first class transit system. The days of the auto-choked freeways and 2 hour commutes are numbered.

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When: Mar 6, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Where: Room 3270, SFU’s Surrey Campus


SurreyCity Conversations comes to SFU Surrey’s Open House for a public conversation on the city’s ambitious plans to add major transit facilities for the region’s fastest-growing area. What will get built, where, and when? What will it cost, and who will pay? Why and how will car drivers benefit? How do Surrey’s plans mesh with the Transit Referendum that the Province says must take place?

City Conversations is a unique forum that invites you to be part of the conversation. Presenters briefly frame the issue, but most of the time is for your questions, comments and opinions. We’re in our third year at SFU Vancouver, and now, in Surrey for this special early evening event at SFU’s Open House.

We’ve invited senior Surrey officials, and a representative of Surrey’s business community. Gordon Price, a prolific and perceptive…

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