Sometimes It’s Too Hard To Dance.

This puts things into perspective.

The Chelsey Diaries

It’s interesting how things can go from one extreme to another so quickly, then right back again.

I had an incredible weekend with a close friend from out of town and a few other girlfriends, I have things to focus on, to keep me busy, I have opportunities presenting themselves, and opportunities I’m working toward creating for myself. I’m becoming more and more focused and motivated.

However, the other night it slowly crept up on me, as it does, and I was right back to where I was a few days prior.

It’s this nauseous sinking feeling in my stomach that usually begins when my mind is occupied with something else, as if my body is saying REMEMBER. My heart sinks and I think to myself, I miss her so much, I cant wait till she is home (because it’s the same feeling I would get near the end of…

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