A Vaccination Against Ignorance


I’ve decided to wade into the great vaccination debate because a) I’m an obnoxious loudmouth who will spout off his opinion at the slightest provocation, and b) because I’m honestly amazed that this is still a ‘debate’ at all, what with the thorough debunking of the Wakefield paper over a decade ago. Why are otherwise intelligent, well-meaning people still questioning the validity of a medical advancement that has saved countless lives?

A hypothetical situation, if you will. I hand you two guns: one is loaded with one bullet and 2,999 blanks. That one bullet could cause an adverse reaction in your child, possibly resulting in seizure, (for the sake of argument, even though there’s absolutely no empirical evidence backing it up), autism, serious allergic reactions, or, in extreme cases, death. The other is loaded with 98 bullets and 2 blanks. Any of those 98 bullets can cause pneumonia…

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